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R-Codes Explained

Residential Design Codes, more commonly known as R-Codes, are used to control the population density throughout Western Australia. These codes outline the type and amount of residential dwellings that can be built on a particular land size.

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For example, if an area is R-30, the average area of 300sqm is required per dwelling.   
Each number correlates to the amount of residences that can fit on a 10,000sqm portion of land.
R-codes also affect a range of aspects including the design requirements of garage and patios, as well as privacy.
When looking for land to re-develop, investors consider the R-codes of each area as this can make one home site more appealing due to the greater number of dwellings that can be built.
R-codes continue to change due to the evolution of council zoning. This explains why some people add an additional dwelling to their land that wouldn’t have been possible several years prior.
The team at Developments by Impressions will guide you through the process of developing your land, ensuring that you understand each stage as we progress through the build.
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Re-zoning: City of Wanneroo

The City of Wanneroo and the Minister for Planning have recently approved Amendment No. 119.
The approved amendment states that the areas of Wanneroo and Girrawheen-Koondoola have been recoded from R20 to R20/R40 and R20/R60.

Property Development Mistakes

Our team have put together some top tips to avoid potential development mistakes.

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