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Why Build Townhouses?

Developing townhouses is a great investment decision and here we explore why.

Townhouses are bigger than apartments, offer more usable outdoor space and have a very ‘homely’ feel to them. If you’ve got a block of land but haven’t decided between developing some apartments or townhouses then read on and let us convince you that townhouses are a great way to maximize your investment.
1 - Put Cash Back in the Bank
If you have a large block or simply just want to sub-divide your existing block, a townhouse opens the door to financial freedom. You’ll have the opportunity to rent out or sell the surplus properties to generate an additional income stream for your household. 
2 - More Flexibility
Unlike apartments, owning a townhouse also means you own a piece of land. By having this land provides more lifestyle flexibility for things like outdoor entertaining, gardening and pet ownership instead of having an unused balcony which is a huge point of difference for buyers.
3 - No Strata Fees
Townhouses do not fall under the management of strata companies. Why is this a benefit to you? Some buyers are not interested in paying strata fees for amenities they are not going to use such as pools, tennis courts or gyms. This is a huge plus and money back in their pocket.
4 - Added Privacy
Since townhouses are standalone developments for multi residential living occupants, buyers will likely have no shared walls, be able to look into neighbours rooms or have shared communal areas like hallways. A townhouse is strictly used by the people living in it, much like a single dwelling.
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