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R-Codes Explained 2018

Want to learn more about R-Codes? The team at Developments by Impressions have made it so easy to stay on top of what you need to know. 

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Residential Design Codes (also known as R-Codes) are the way population density is controlled throughout Western Australia. With the use of R-Codes town planners and architects are able to accurately outline the type and amount of property developments in Perth

If you’re a developer looking for property developments in Perth, you should take into consideration the R-Codes in place for that specific area, as these will dictate the amount of dwellings that can be built.  

Developments by Impressions' has noticed an increased number of additional dwellings that are being built at the back of existing properties. This  was not possible several years ago. Thanks to recent R-Code changes it’s now easier than ever to build your property development in Perth. 
Get up to date with the latest building industry jargon. Read Developments by Impressions' very own cheat sheet to R-Codes called “R-Codes Explained” to help make sense of this tricky topic. 

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Re-zoning: City of Wanneroo

The City of Wanneroo and the Minister for Planning have recently approved Amendment No. 119.
The approved amendment states that the areas of Wanneroo and Girrawheen-Koondoola have been recoded from R20 to R20/R40 and R20/R60.

R-Codes Explained

Residential Design Codes, more commonly known as R-Codes, are used to control the population density throughout Western Australia. These codes outline the type and amount of residential dwellings that can be built on a particular land size.

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