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How to Sell Your Property Development

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If you are developing a property with the plan to sell it on, there are some tips and tricks to take into consideration.

Thankfully, our Developments by Impressions team will guide you through the entire development process! From feasibility through to marketing, we ensure you have all the advice you could need. Our team have decided to share what they thought was important when selling your property development.

Create a brand
Brand strategy is the means of how, what, where, when and to whom you plan to deliver your brand messaging and communications. Who is your target audience? Are they a group that will be most susceptible to your marketing strategies? This will impact where you advertise, what channels you use and image you portray. Combined with our team’s expert knowledge of the property market, your property development will be targeted at the most suitable buyer.

Sell a lifestyle
Take into consideration what facilities you have in your area because this will impact the lifestyle you are selling. If you are close to the beach sell that. If you have great schools nearby sell a family fun image. We can sometimes find out if there are any upcoming projects that will benefit the local community such transport improvements or additional schooling options.

Use professional photos
Photos are a really important part of your process. If your photos are not up to scratch you could miss out on a lot of leads. The impact good lighting and a professional camera can have is priceless. Give your beautiful new development the opportunity to shine.

Use floorplans
Floorplans give the buyer a realistic idea of how the house is laid out before a home open. By making these available early on, it will help the buyers picture how they will live in the home. At Developments by Impressions we will have all your floor plans available for you to sell the property on.

Push your USP
What is unique about your property? This is your Unique Selling Point (USP). Whatever makes you stand out from the crowd should be apparent in all you marketing strategies. Don’t blend in, be different and make your potential buyer aware of what makes you special.

If you are interested in investing in property development for a long term gain, call us at Developments by Impressions.

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