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How To Start Property Developing

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Property developing may seem like a daunting task but if you have a plan in place then you too can get into the property market.

Developments by Impressions are experts in this area and ready to shed some light on what you need to know to get started.

Why Develop?
Everyone gets into the game for a different reason. Whether you want to maximise; dwelling yield on a property, rental return, cash flow, profit or the value of your property it is important to identify why you want to develop. This will give you goals in terms of analysing, at the end of the project, whether it was successful so that you can create positive equity to help fund your next project.

Getting started
Once you know why you want to develop, you need to get in touch with your accountant or financial advisor to make sure that it is in the realm of possibility. Developing a property on your own can take a large amount of organisation. You need finance strategists, accountants, lawyers, architects, building contractors, construction managers and more!

If just the idea of this is overwhelming then contact Developments by Impressions who can act as your main point of contact for many of the above. As a full service business Developments by Impressions is here to make the development process as easy as possible.

The process
First you need to work out your development potential. Are you planning on purchasing a block? Then book in a development consultation so that you know you are making the most educated decision.

Second you need to set out some goals and specifics. This will involve things like timing and costs. Ensure that you know all the options before you embark on this journey.

Third is project viability. This is where the plan is developed and finance is attained. The timeline will be set and the project is go go go!

The fourth step is to start the project! This is where things get exciting and your dream is one step closer to coming true. Approvals and admin requirements get completed here.

Fifth but not final is the construction and project management. All that hard work is finally starting to look like something you can touch and your development will be built before your eyes.

Finally the sixth step is the handover. It is important to revisited your goals here and make sure you have achieved what you wanted to.

Want to find out more about development types? Have a look what is on offer here. If you think that this is the right move for your future then get in touch with a Developments by Impressions expert today and book in your free development consultation.

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