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Home Staging Tips

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You've got the keys to your new investment property and you want to put them straight into the hands of the new tenant or owner. Before you get too ahead of yourself, there are a few things you need to do to get your property on the market.

Any smart investor knows that when selling your completed development, empty rooms, un-painted walls and under styled rooms are a sure way to put buyers off. Every seller should style their home for sale, it can sometimes result in a higher offer or a quick sale/lease offer.
You don’t have to buy furniture or spend lots of money to stage your house. There are easier, more cost-effective ways to make your development ready for sale. We’ve pulled our team together and have come up with our top 4 home staging tips that will give your investment the best chance at selling for top dollar.
Arrange final works
If you haven’t included all the finishing items in the build, you will need to arrange these as soon as possible. The essentials are flooring, painting, window dressings, a letterbox and a clothesline. Many of these can easily be a weekend DIY project. If you have less time to spare, outsourcing these jobs to professionals will be a better option. NOTE: Keep to neutral colours inside, this will make it easier for interested parties to make the space their own.
Complete your DIY projects 
Now that your development has been built it’s time to finish off with some of the other projects such as landscaping. You will find a buyer faster if everything is finished and taken care of. If a buyer can see that work needs to be done, they will see this as a red flag and could potentially put them off. Minimal landscaping is the most cost-effective option so think lawn, mulch and native plants.
Style your rooms 
A large open plan living area can be daunting if its empty. Use furniture to show people how to use the space. Arrange a stylist to do all the hard yards or just take your own measurements and contact a home staging or furniture rental company.
Pick a style and colour to make each room feel connected to the rest of the house. Keep decorations present but minimal, so the space doesn’t feel over personalised and cluttered.
Make your entrance welcoming and inviting 
The front door is the first thing potential buyers see when they visit your home so make it is as inviting as possible. Have a nice indoor plant, a small entry table and hang some artwork to create a welcoming and inviting space.
BONUS TIP: Little things like light a candle, background music or to fresh flowers on the dining table can create a calm, welcoming atmosphere.
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