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Colour Palettes That Appeal to Homebuyers

It's no secret that the right colour palette can make a significant impact on potential homebuyers, leaving a lasting impression and increasing the value of your property development.

Many trends go in and out of style so it’s important to make the right choice from the start when it comes to painting your house.
From watching shows like Selling Houses Australia and The Block, it’s easy to identify what buyers want in their properties right now.
They want clean, modern interiors that they can be comfortable in from day one. Something that is achievable by introducing the right colour palette.
Bathrooms and Kitchens
For bathrooms and kitchens, the most popular colour palette right now is to accentuate light blue/greys with white gloss cabinetry.
Not into this palette? Buyers are still romanced by a cleaner palette of mixed whites with contrasting appliances and hardware (such as door handles etc.).
Buyers are always focused on bathrooms and kitchens when looking at houses to buy, so when painting your space remember that whatever you choose needs to add to the all-important ‘wow factor’.  The kitchen colour palette needs to work with any built-in appliances (like your oven, stove and dishwasher), your flooring and countertop.
For bathrooms, the a neutral colour palette allows for potential buyers to easily insert their own personal touches with accessories.
If you’re in need of further direction, browse through other new homes for sale or liaise with one of our Prestart Consultants.
Bedrooms and Living Areas
The colour palette you choose for your kitchen and bathrooms needs flow into your other living areas and bedrooms.
For example, if you decide to use the light blue, grey and white colour palette, you can carry this through by accentuating window sills, door frames and skirting boards with the same high gloss white paint. Don’t forget to stick with neutral flooring throughout so that it doesn’t compete for attention.
Now that we have got your creative juices flowing, you can start your development journey with colour palettes that appeal to potential homebuyers. If you need any help contact one of our experts today!

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