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A Unique 6 Unit Development Site in Hamersley

A client came to us with a plan for a six-unit site development in the established suburb of Hamersley. The plans had already been prepared by another company and in their design they had come up with 3 survey strata and 3 green title blocks which we very quickly identified was not compliant with shire regulations.
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Challenges Presented
Our team could clearly see that the designs and plans had carelessly not taken into account the necessary shire regulations. The worst of which did not include a reversing car bay that removed the ability to allow access in both forward and reverse. The existing designs also did not consider sewer infrastructure and altering site levels, which all needed to be integrated into the subdivision design.
Without our due diligence and the mandatory adherence to shire regulations our client would not have been granted their building license and would have also experienced lengthy and costly delays to their project.
After a thorough review of the parent site, adherence to the shires building codes and a clear understanding of the project objectives the town planners sat down with our design team and we came back with a completely new design proposal.
The new design featured 6 green title lots with no shared common land to any of the lots making a made a significant difference to the value of the land. We also integrated main sewer infrastructure to affected lots to ensure optimum house design potential. Most importantly, the revised lot design allowed for a contemporary and popular housing product that we knew would easily sell.
Our expertise and knowledge transformed this development site from unviable to profitable. To do this we looked at the project from development from 3 different development perspectives which made the development plan approvable, buildable and marketable.
Whether you are a first time developer looking to build a duplex, or a seasoned developer planning a small village, we know that the common goal is to maximize the returns on your investment and that’s why we stand out from our competitors; because we can make it happen.
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