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Multi Unit DevelopmentMulti-unit developments can range from as little as 4 units to as many as 90+ properties. As WA’s most experienced development builder, we have tackled them all and thrive on taking on large projects.
Our hands-on approach and experienced team will ensure that your large project will have the best opportunity to be well conceived, properly planned, efficiently approved and built to the highest possible quality.

Building multi-unit developments can pose an array of challenges and require many planning and design considerations – such as lot yields, road layouts, car parking, pedestrian access, landscaping, services and utilities to name a very select few.

Multi Unit BuildersOur experience has taught us that knowledge is king with this style of development. Our highly qualified town planners and designers will know exactly what can and can’t be done, whilst actively working with the authorities as early as your concept plans. Getting the design and regulations for you multi-unit development addressed right upfront will save you many challenges down the line – especially through the planning approval stages.

The entire team at Developments by Impressions is directly approachable, working alongside you to streamline your timeframes and aim to maximise your returns.

Whether you simply need your current project to be quoted, or need to start from the very beginning, get in touch with us here to get started today.

4 Unit Site, Cloverdale

Challenge Presented

  • Large corner block – developer wanting to maximise yield on the site
  • Round-a-bout on corner and generally flat site
  • Planning concessions required to maximise the development potential 
  • R30 zoning

By using a number of planning concessions and expertly negotiating with planning authorities, we have maximised the development potential of this site (4 homes instead of 3). Creation of 4 unique homes, each with separate frontage and access to public roads. Unique elevations and high quality of finish make this a stand out development in the area. By undertaking a survey strata subdivision upfront, this development has profited well from maximising development yield, minimising development costs and presenting to the streets as standalone freehold homes.


6 Unit Site, Hamersley

Challenge / problem presented

  • Competitor plans - did not abide by all the shire regulations, no reversing car bay
  • Subdivision design – ignored sewer infrastructure, altering site levels
  • Shire regulations – would not have granted existing plans and would likely cause lengthy and costly delays

Working together with the town planners and our design team, we created an entirely new design proposal. This resulted in 6 green title lots that eliminated the need for any shared common land. We allowed for an integrated sewer line to ensure appropriate infrastructure reached all the affected homes. The new lot sizing also created the opportunity to build modern home designs that would appeal to the current market. Additionally, the entire project now complied to all shire regulations. Our client was more than satisfied with the new development as the project proved to be more profitable than the brief originally supplied via the competitor.


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