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Duplex development

Duplex Development

One of the most popular development types in Perth is a duplex development which allows you to build two homes on one property.

Depending on your block, the type of duplex can be either a side-by-side or a battle-axe development. A battle-axe development means that one house is built behind the other and is accessible via a shared driveway down the side of the property.
Although not exclusively limited to ‘first-timers’, duplex developments can be a relatively simple style of development and are very common to new developers wanting to experience and learn on their path to bigger projects.
The advantages of developing a duplex may include:

  • Adding an extra income stream for your household and family by renting out the second property
  • The flexibility to sell one property and continue to live in the other
  • The opportunity to sell the second property and pay off your mortgage or simply boost your savings

At Developments by Impressions we specialise in all types of developments in Perth. From start to finish, we take care of all the hard work to ensure your duplex is built on time and on budget.
Our detailed and hands-on approach to duplex developments in Perth ensures that you will learn as much as you want during the entire process and at the end have a sound investment that can be rented or sold.

If you are ready to turn your duplex development idea into reality our highly experienced team is only a phone call away. Get in touch with us here to get started today.

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