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Multi dwelling development

What is a multi dwelling?

Multi Dwelling BuildersMulti dwellings consist of self-contained single floor apartments in a multi-storey building, each with its own stairwell access. The demand for multi dwelling is on the rise as people look for more economical higher density housing.

This type of development utilises Class 2 building methods and is a very sound investment – increasing the number of homes you build on your block provides for higher rental yield, equity and returns.
At Developments by Impressions we specialise in all types of developments and have over 80 multi dwellings and 2000 units under our belt. Our smart, innovative and sustainable designs are in keeping with the Building Codes of Australia’s stringent requirements for issues like acoustic privacy and fire separation.  Our understanding of these requirements means that we can guide you through the entire journey and provide a tailored, well-managed process from the initial design concept through to completion.
Let our experienced team guide you through the entire development process - planning, finance, design, construction and marketing.



Developments by Impressions helps you capitalise on the growing demand for affordable, medium density housing.

By increasing the number of homes on your block, you build rental yield, equity and returns.
While our multi dwellings are designed to look like a single townhouse from the street, each structure comprises of multiple dwellings with their own entrances.

Recent multi dwelling developments have sold out in record time, proving that they are highly sought after by tenants and first homebuyers.

With our experience in constructing over 2500 units, we can smoothly guide you through the entire process. To find out how the numbers for your development will stack up, get in touch with us here.
Multi Dwelling Development

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